Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

OK, call me hokey, but I am wearing black and white today in honor.

I am also monitoring live blogs from friends who are there, and Facebook updates (nearly all of the "status updates" have to do with the Inauguration, even those of people who aren't there), and a steady stream of emails.

A few from-the-field observations:

From Joe, who is covering the surrounding hoopla for his paper: Streams of people headed into town. Echoes of March on Washington. Lots of black folks. Plenty -- the majority, in fact -- white people. Everyone smiling.A sign in a window on 16th St: "Labradoodles for Obama"

From Pam, who is covering the hoopla for my paper: Woa! 6:30 a.m.crowds at RFK parking lot are impressive...

From Deb, who is there with friends and facebooking and twittering like mad: we are standing crammed like sardines, but everyone is being very friendly and nice

and, a bit later, the crowd booed big time when lieberman came on screen. big cheers for powell. and now calls of oprah!

From Kyndell, a photojournalist who is shooting video for her blog (this is yesterday's post): The big day is tomorrow. We are heading out the door at 4am. So early but that’s okay. We’ve got a plan for fun and the plan to watch history. it will be hard to sleep. People on the Mall today were many and jovial. Each person just bursting with life. Except for the journalists. I saw in all the photogs that were “working” the face of super concentration and the enormous weight of what they have to cover. All their faces looked like had eaten lemons for the last four hours. And I? I was blissful. No deadlines everything I did was for me and the people I cared about. There is nothing more liberating than that.
Tomorrow I will walk with friends and family among 2 million people, proud, happy, visually open and with complete freedom. It should be a good day.

You can see her video from yesterday at http://www.kyndell.wordpress.com/

What about you? What are you all hearing? Seeing? Wearing?

Photo at top from the Washington Post

Update: Wow. Wow. Wow.

And I am totally getting me one of these hats: